Affiliate League

Affiliate League

The incredible growth of Selangor Champions League since its establishment in 2016 has increased its influence amongst social leagues across Selangor. After the conclusion of SCL2017, a total of 27 leagues have become Affiliate Leagues of Football Selangor.

SCL2018 slots are awarded to the Affiliate Leagues. There are two types of slots awarded to our Affiliate Leagues; i) Automatic Spot ii) Qualifying rounds.

SCL2018 Automatic Spots are awarded based on the league’s good track record and competitiveness while slots for the Qualifying Rounds are awarded to leagues affiliated to Football Selangor.

Kota Damansara Premiere League

Selangor Social Premiere League

Liga Munro Setia Alam

Prestige Cup

Liga Komuniti Puchong

Liga Sosial Shah Alam

Sportster Premiere League


Selangor Varsity Social League

The PIT League

Futbola Social League

Sunarize Soccer League

Setia Alam Cup

The District Social League

Klang Valley League

Sg Buloh Community League

RF Social League

Ryders Super League

Liga Klang

DACS Social League

South Selangor League

Automatic Spots:

  1. Selangor Social Premier League
  2. Kota Damansara Premier League
  3. Klang Valley League Shah Alam
  4. Klang Valley League Cyberjaya
  5. Klang Valley League UM Park
  6. Setia Alam Football League
  7. Prestige Cup
  8. Liga Komuniti Puchong


SCL2018 Qualifying Rounds:

  1. DACS Social League
  2. Ryders Super League
  3. Liga Sosial Shah Alam
  4. Liga Komuniti Isma
  5. Sportster Premier League
  6. Frenzz League
  7. Liga Klang
  8. RF Social League
  9. The PIT League
  10. Selangor Varsity Social League
  11. South Selangor League
  12. Sunarize League
  13. Klang Valley Gombak
  14. Klang Valley City Center
  15. Setia Alam Cup
  16. Futbola Social League
  17. Sungai Buloh Community League
  18. District Social League Damansara
  19. District Social League Eco Ardence

For SCL2019, a point system will be developed to determine leagues that will get the automatic slots

The Affiliate League Initiative is an effort from Football Selangor to ensure community leagues across Selangor are able improve and reach better standards in the future. Affiliate Leagues are able to enjoy certain benefits from Football Selangor as part of the affiliation programme.