Selangor Champions League

Founded by His Highness Tengku Amir Shah, Selangor Champions League (SCL) was first created in 2016 as a platform and effort to unify the vast football community across Selangor and showcase the best talents that the community can offer to the sport and to Malaysia. SCL gathers champions from all the leagues across Selangor to compete in one prestigious tournament.


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For SCL 2018, 5 new initiatives will be introduced to continue to take SCL to the next level.

  1. The Malaysia FA Cup 2018 Campaign – ensuring our current champions performs well in the competition
  2. Affiliation of Social Leagues in Selangor – SCL has increased its influence amongst 27 other leagues across Selangor. The Affiliate leagues receives qualification spots for SCL2018 and other partnership benefits
  3. Fantasy Football – SCL2018 aims to provide an improved matchday experience for our fans. Our fantasy football initiative will be interactive and engaging for the fans and will lift SCL to another level!
  4. Community Club Development Project – The community club development project aims to grow amateur teams into sustainable professional clubs. Football Selangor’s role in this programme is to facilitate and link these clubs with opportunities and resources essential to their establishment and growth.
  5. Referee Development Programme – This initiative aims to uphold the standard of refereeing in SCL2018 by organizing a referee development programme for aspiring referee. The developing referees will receive the best training from ex FIFA and FAM referees.

Previous Champions

Terrapins FC

Axis-O2 FC